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Olympics City Proposal Project

2026 Winter Olympics

City Proposal


Objective: To create a bid accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation

for the opportunity to host the 2026 Winter Olympics.



Written Components:

I.          Introductory statement: why and when (16 days)

II.        Description of city’s site and situation

III.       Description of level of economic development of host country

IV.       Description of political stability and governance of host country

V.        Summary of existing infrastructure (hospitals, airports, communication networks, transportation)

VI.       Summary of proposed infrastructure additions

VII.     Summary of existing tourist attractions (cultural, historical)

VIII.    Summary of existing service facilities (hotels, restaurants) 

IX.       Summary of existing venues to host events

X.        Summary of proposed venue additions



Graphic Components:

I.          Map and/or model of transportation networks

II.        Slogan and logo

III.       Map and/or model of proposed venues for each event

IV.       Map and/or model of proposed location of Olympic Village



Presentation Components

I.          Eye Contact

II.        Effective use of visuals

III.       Professional Appearance and Poise

IV.       Clearness of voice

V.        All members of the group participate in presentation

VI.        Presentation is between ____________ and _________ long

VII.     Answers questions in an informed manner

VIII.    Audience members must ask at least two questions in all of the presentation.