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Novice and seasoned debaters impress




Team Awards:

  • 5th: Stipkovits & Ahmed

  • 11th: Fabunmi & Conry

  • 16th: Jama & Pountney

  • 17th: Doyle & Ahmed

  • 23rd: Olsen & Heath

  • 26th: Rin & Cryer

Speaker Awards:

  • 6th: Caleb Stipkovits

  • 7th: Clara Conry

  • 22nd: Zaraia Fabunmi

  • 25th: Graham Doyle

  • 32nd: Jacob Olsen

  • 33rd: Madeleine Heath

  • 37th: Sahara Jama

  • 38th: Samira Ahmed

Junior Varsity:

Team Awards:

  • 3rd: Nurien & Farah

Speaker Awards:

  • 8th: Shehnaz Nurien

  • 11th: Rahma Farah



Team Awards:

  • 1st: Conry & Fabunmi

  • 5th: Wilcox-McBride & Stipkovits

  • 8th: Cornell & Niblett

  • 11th: Jama & Pountney

  • 22nd: Olsen & Heath

  • 23rd: Moore & Askari-Rabe

Speaker Awards:

  • 1st: Clara Conry

  • 5th: Sahara Jama

  • 11th: Zaraia Fabunmi

  • 13th: Caleb Stipkovits

  • 18th: Kinsley Wilcox-McBride

  • 24th: Anabelle Niblett

  • 26th: Ida Pountney

  • 27th: Will Cornell

  • 42nd: Elliot Askari-Rabe

  • 43rd: Corbin Moore

  • 44th: Madeleine Heath

  • 45th: Jacob Olsen

Junior Varsity:

Team Awards:

  • 9th: Nurien & Farah

Speaker Awards:

  • 5th: Shehnaz Nurien

  • 17th: Rahma Farah


Team Awards:

  • 6th: Hirsi & Jahn-Vaurus

  • 15th: Kaiser-Holt & Dotson

Speaker Awards:

  • 10th: Zigi Kaiser-Holt

  • 13th: Jordan Dotson

  • 15th: Anton Jahn-Vaurus

  • 25th: Isra Hirsi


From MN Urban Debate League:

Your school’s debate team had an excellent performance at this weekend’s U of M Debate Invitational, and we’re excited to share their results with you.

We’re grateful to coaches Chris Stinson, Allegro Wang, & Oskar Tauring-Traxler for their continued hard work in guiding your students. It’s really showing through how much your students are learning and growing.

South High had a great performance on both days of the tournament!

Friday, Caleb Stipkovits & Samira Ahmed earned 5th place in their division, while Zaraia Fubunmi & Claire Conry earned 11th place. Caleb and Claire also earned speaker awards, which are given to students who earn high speaker points for argumentation skills regardless of competitive record. Shehnaz Nurien & Rahma Farah earned a 3rd place team award!

Saturday, your students had another amazing performance! Congratulations to Zaraia & Claire for winning the novice division! Claire also earned a 1st place speaker award. In the varsity division, we also want to congratulate Zigi Kaiser Holt and Anton Jahn-Vaurus for earning the 6th place team award. Zigi also won a speaker award.

Thanks for your continued support of South’s debate team. We can’t wait to see what they’ll accomplish next!

Jake Swede
Program Director
Minnesota Urban Debate League