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Nordic Ski 5k Saturday!


Tiger Trail 5K

Cross Country Run/Walk

Theo Wirth Trails at Quaking Bog

10 a.m. | Saturday | Nov. 5

  • Students register the day of the race for only $5!  
  • Adults can register ahead online at for $20 (or $25 the morning of the race).
  • All proceeds will help pay for coaches and equipment for the Nordic Ski team.


NEW!!! Event happens at the gentle Quaking Bog trails -- 3 one mile loops.  Low key, fun event for the whole family. Kids Fun Run too!

Spectacular door prize drawing. Parking at Wirth Beach.

Register online:

All proceeds benefit South High School Nordic Ski Team!

5th Annual Tiger Trail 5K Run/Walk

November 5, 2016


Name: ________________________________________________      


Phone: ________________________________________________      


Email: ________________________________________________      


I will:   _____ walk      _____ run  _____ something in between


Early Registration fee (postmarked by Oct 31 or online by 11:59pm, Nov 4):         $20.00


Day of race:                $25.00


South High Skiers (give form and fee to a captain):    $5.00


Make checks payable to MPLS South High Nordic Booster Club and mail to:

Bill Baldus

3229 45 Ave S

Minneapolis, MN 55406


OR Register Online:


Contact: Bill Baldus, 612-799-6466 or


Release: Please Read Out loud at the Dinner Table Before Signing


In consideration for the opportunity to participate in the 5K Run/Walk activities being held by the South High School Nordic Ski Team on Nov. 5, 2016, I on behalf of myself and respective heirs, successors and assigns hereby release, discharge and quitclaim unto the South High School Nordic Ski Team and its Officers, Directors, and Agents and any and all other affiliated parties any claim for injury, loss or damage of any kind to any person or property or that of any of my respective heirs, successors, assigns, and any minor children for which I am parent, custodial parent or legal guardian who may participate in this event any and all expenses and costs however caused arising out of or in connection with the participation of the undersigned or the minor child of the undersigned or the minor child of the undersigned in this event.

            The undersigned further acknowledges that he or she has carefully read the above Release and knows and understands all of the contents thereof and further understands and agrees that by signing this release he or she gives up rights and assumes the risk of injury or property damage and signs this Release as their free and voluntary act.


Signature: ____________________________________________________   Date: ___________________


Print Name: ___________________________________________________


This release must be signed by all participants and/or by the parent or guardian if participant is under 18.



Registration (Form H17-16AQ) Revised 9/30/16