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NEW! Get new semester schedules


Monday, Jan. 29
Arrive with new schedule printed from portal, or pick up schedule in Auditorium, 8 a.m., Monday, Jan. 29.


Schedule Concerns

Schedule change requests are not accepted via email or phone.

Students MUST come to their counselor’s office during the hour of the problem on the schedule the first week of school.

Beginning the first day of the semester, schedules will be adjusted for all students for the following reasons ONLY:

1.    A student is missing an hour in their schedule (for example: there is no 2nd hour on the schedule).

2.    A student has two classes during the same hour.

3.    A student is in the wrong level course (for example: Int. Algebra instead of Geometry or Spanish III instead of Spanish II)

4.    A student needs the course for graduation (seniors only)

For any other schedule concerns:

Tuesday, Jan. 30               
SENIORS and students with above issues                

Wednesday, Feb. 31          
SENIORS & JUNIORS and students with above issues

Thursday, Feb. 1            
SENIORS, JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES and students with above issues

Friday, Feb. 2                
ALL STUDENTS and students with above issues

Monday, Feb. 5
Final day to change schedules for 2nd Semester!