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Navigating building requires caution


Physical Building

  • Lockers will not be used. Please bring a backpack, computer, water bottle, books and school supplies with you. 

  • Only two students in the bathroom at a time. Please be patient. More information forthcoming. 

  • Hallways and stairways will have specific directions, follow the signs.  Please be aware this is different than last year. 

  • Water fountains will not be available, but the hydrations stations will be to fill water bottles. (touchless) 

  • All students leaving before dismissal will check-out with Erica in room 101 including students with a release period, and exit through Door 1.  


Class and Personal Items

  • If you forget your computer, we will have one you can borrow for the day.  You can also bring your own personal computer.

  • If you forget your mask(s) the school will provide you with one. 

  • Classes will be in real-time for all students, whether in DL or in person.

  • All work will still be posted and completed on Google Classroom.

  • If you need extra help, set up a meeting with your teacher for a time that works for both of you.