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Physician commends South High Health Ed


Ms. Lucke and Health Education teachers at South High are grateful for the support students receive in the classroom in the form of speakers from Hennepin County and through partnership with Minneapolis Public Schools. She thanks, Dr. Buckley for taking the time to write this letter:

Hi Jennifer and Ray:

My name is Lauren Buckley, and I am a pediatric resident physician at the University of Minnesota.

I wanted to pass along my thanks for the excellent work you are doing teaching our young people about sexual health.

I recently saw a patient in clinic who is a 9th grader at South.

She knew that long-acting contraception was a better choice for teens...

She knew the healthiest way to protect herself was to use both long-acting contraception PLUS condoms...

[She also had a] Good healthy understanding of consent.

This young lady was able to advocate for herself and seek appropriate medical care because she was equipped with high quality information. I wish all my patients had access to comprehensive, evidenced based sexual education like this.

Unfortunately, I see other teenagers that have been misinformed about contraception (or were not taught about contraception at all.) 

I am very happy to hear that you are equipping our teenagers with accurate and complete information about sexual health.

I can only imagine the challenges of teaching sex ed to 9th graders, and I am sure you have your fair share of difficult days in the classroom. Keep it up! You are making a difference.

Lauren Buckley, M.D.
Pediatric Resident, PGY2
University of Minnesota