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MPS Online Learning

MPS Online Learning offers a variety of courses that students may choose to take during high  school. The purpose of Minneapolis Online is to offer enrichment classes, flexibility in scheduling and alternative learning. Many students choose to take Fit for Life and Health to allow more time during their day for other elective classes. For more information or if you are not sure which class to sign up for, visit your counselor. 

Registration Process 

Anyone interested in taking online classes with MPS Online Learning, even if they have taken classes with us in the summer or last year, should follow these steps:

1. Apply online using the online Registration form.
Clearly indicate on your registration which classes you are registering for along with which quarter you need.
You should receive an email response back from us in 2 working days confirming your registration.  This email will also be sent to your school counselor for approval of the classes you indicated registering for. If you don't receive this email, please call 612-668-1450.
Once we have received the signed approval from your parent or guardian and school counselor, you will be registered for classes and contacted by your instructor

If you are applying for a Health or PE class, please note that there may limited seats available.  This means that Seniors and Juniors will have preference over other students.  Sophomores and Freshman may be placed on a waiting list, or be asked to wait to take the class.

Part-time enrollment with Online Learning means a student is dual enrolled at an MPS District High School taking classes there and electing to take 1 or 2 classes with Online Learning. Please complete this Registration Signature form AND this Online Registration form. Email the “Registration Signature form” to your school counselor and have your school counselor forward it to: Students who take a year-long course will have the opportunity to enroll for the year. All registration forms are due by noon on the last day of registration. 


-Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 
-Online Learning Phone #: 612-668-1450
-All staff can can be reached through district email or their direct phone numbers.
-Click Here for info: Online Staff Directory