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Need a Chromebook?


If you need a Chromebook for distance learning, please complete the MPS technology form or call 612.668.0000. MPS is distributing laptops this week.


From Minneapolis Public Schools:

We are quickly moving forward with a process to get distance learning materials (devices and paper packets) out to families so that MPS students are ready to engage in the distance learning process during this unprecedented period. Thanks so much for your assistance in getting the surveys completed. All in we had about a 85% response rate with your help. 

Beginning tomorrow, we will be beginning deliveries of devices by buses routed to a drop at student’s homes. Families receiving a home delivery will receive an email (see below) from School Messenger the day before their delivery is scheduled. Buses will be deployed with an ESP on each bus who will be interfacing with parents. 

Our plan is to deliver devices Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, as routed, scheduled and communicated to families. Reminder robocalls are also going out. Below you can review the email that your family would have received if they are scheduled to receive a device drop off tomorrow. This communication was also translated and sent to families for Tuesday’s routing who did not have English indicated as their home language. Routing is ongoing for Wednesday and Thursday. We currently have just over 1700 deliveries routed for Tuesday. 


Families are asked to contact the DCC if they have any questions or concerns with their scheduled delivery, via the email we sent (see below). While we’d love to have all the information possible in your hands, this has been an incredible undertaking in a short amount of time. We are still determining how best to give you access to the actual stop information. Please know we are working our best to keep you informed as this process unfolds. You can expect additional information about how paper packets will be dropped off, later this week.