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❤️ More reasons to love South


Reason #64 to ❤️ South! Second graders as teachers/learners!
Reason #65 to ❤️ South! Student-led recycling!
Reason #66 to ❤️ South! College in the Schools!
Reason #67 to ❤️ South! The School Based Clinic!
Reason #68 to ❤️ South! Dedicated volunteers like Daniel!
Reason #69 to ❤️ South! CSI South High (Forensics class)!
Reason #70 to ❤️ South! The Southerner!
Reason #70 to ❤️ South! The Southerner!
Reason #71 To ❤️ South: Our principal!
Reason #73 To ❤️ South: Math, EL teacher, Mr. Alabari!
Reason #74 To ❤️ South: Our Writing Center!
Reason #75 To ❤️ South: Gifted South Staff!
Reason #76 To ❤️South: We work for South High. We send our kids to South High.
Reason #77 To ❤️ South: Our gender neutral bathroom. We welcome everybody and every body.
Reason #78 To ❤️South: When the math teacher makes a deal to dye his hair orange if the math team wins, he dyes his hair ORANGE.
Reason #79 To ❤️ South: We are kind to the environment. We have 3hydration stations. No plastic waste!