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Join the Missing Voices Youth Leadership Team


2016 Missing Voices Equity in Education Summit: Youth Leadership Team Opportunity 

Philosophy: We believe that students are some of our best teachers. The most effective educators learn WITH youth. Youth teach them as much as they teach youth because both create a classroom culture of learning together (or Ubuntu: each person in the learning community contributes their unique cultural identity to the greater whole). Missing Voices youth engagement is intended to move youth from a mindset where they must lose who they are to learn to one where they must know who they are to learn. Youth leaders will model the process of honoring all cultural assets in the classroom, rather than having a one-sided, single narrative curriculum. Student stories, collecting of multiple narratives, and artistic interpretation are key to decolonizing the classroom. We want to spark a love for learning, which happens when curriculum and assessments honor the cultural gifts of each individual. That’s how we best repay the “education debt” we owe students whose voices are missing: by providing spaces that allow students to center themselves in the fullness of their identity. #LearnWithYouth, #LearningCulturalGifts, #IdentityClassroom #MissingVoices 


Application Process for Youth Leadership Team - DUE FRIDAY, MARCH 25

● Reference (letter, email, personal communication) from family member, other youth, community member, educator/administrator (provide phone number/email of reference).
Submit via email:


● Personal communication (email, letter, video, song) from you outlining why you want to be a member of the leadership team (provide your phone number/email). 
Submit via email: 



Roles and Responsibilities of Youth Leadership Team

Youth will: 

● Determine youth roles for the Missing Voices event, including the nomination of youth leadership peers for roles such as MC, iPad/video lead, social media lead, creative expression lead, host/ambassador lead 

● Lead social media- marketing prior to event and capturing what happens at the event 

● Record feedback via iPads answering the question “Because of Missing Voices I plan to…” 

● Plan an opening welcome activity and closing activity/creative expression 

● Serve as Youth Ambassadors/Voices day of event (greeters at front door, host presenters/breakouts) 

● Plan and implement a follow-up Youth Action Retreat for 100 other youth 



● The opportunity to greatly influence equity in education--and the practice of teaching to be more youth-centric 

● Letter/certificate of recognition for involvement and leadership 

● The usefulness and transferability of these skills for career and college consideration (use this experience as an example of a rich experience that benefits community and families) 


Time Commitment: 

● Meet 2 hrs/month March-May and August-October, plus occasional summer meetings & day long team activity 

● Full day Missing Voices Summit (November 3, 2016) and Youth Action Retreat (Date TBD) 


Other Opportunities for Youth Involvement: 

● Missing Voices: Equity in Education Summit November 3, 2016 at Twin Cities Campus 

○ Youth Leadership Team member planning the conference 

○ Attendee at conference 

○ Presenter at conference 

○ Creative expression at conference (dance, vocalist, spoken word, visual art, etc) 

● Provide video or written testimonial answering one of the following prompts: 

○ “My teacher can empower me by….” or “I learn best by….” 

○ “Here’s how you can include my experience in the classroom…” 

○ “This is what I want you to know about me, my family, and my community…” 

○ “My culture is important and my teacher can include it in my learning by…” 

● Youth Action Retreat (Date and location TBD) 

○ Youth Leadership Team member planning the retreat 

○ Attendee at retreat