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Minnesota State History Day Competition

Here are the South students that will be representing in the Minnesota State History Day Competition! They competed in the Minneapolis Regional competition here at South a few weeks ago. Please congratulate them if you see them.. 20 of our 25 entries made it through, so it was a great showing from South. We look forward to them making it on to Nationals! The State Competition is all day Saturday, May 2nd at the U of M, Coffman Memorial Union. Come support our students!


  • Zachary Anderson—Individual Performance-- Woody Guthrie: Leading Through Music, Leaving a Legacy
  • Liberty Nichols, Elizabeth Koetz, and Sophie Peterson—Group Performance--  The Life of Mary E. Walker
  • Alexander Otte—Individual Documentary-- L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology
  • Cleo Rank—Individual Documentary--  Al Capone and His Leadership During Prohibition
  • Jackie Cibuzar, Ellen Demgen, and Odette James—Group Documentary--   The Grimke Sisters
  • Marco Dregni, Joe Forest, and Ayub Mohamud—Group Documentary--   John Muir
  • Meghan Flora and Emma Krasky—Group Documentary--  U of M Starvation Project
  • Grace Palmer, Frances Matejeek, and Becky Norling‐Ruggles—Group Documentary-- What Good are Gay Rights if We’re All Dead?
  • Stephanie Krause—Individual Website--  Florence Nightingale
  • Ryan Skow—Individual Website--  Charles M. Loring and Horace W. Cleveland
  • Veronica Hayes—Individual Website--  The Creation of the Franchise
  • Evie Murphy‐Wilson, Phoebe Siegel‐Horne, Eloi Descamps, and Aida Rian—Group Website-- Eva Mozes Kor
  • Nicholas Mercadai, Hannah Edwards‐Overbo, Johnathan Buehlmann—Group Website--  Fidel Castro
  • Townes Nelson, Cyrus Nordhougen, Fatimzahra Ajaraam—Group Website-- John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry South High School
  • Molly Devore, Alex Zetah, Maeve Bartell—Group Website--  Margaret Sanger
  • Kasey Herrera‐Lima, Geneva Hart—Group Website--  Martha Graham
  • Isabel Hansen—Individual Exhibit-- Eva Peron
  • Russel Kingsbury—Individual Exhibit--  Lenin: A Revolutionary Leader
  • Annie Casperson, Lauren Van Doeren, and Olivia Isola—Group Exhibit--  Lobotomy: Treatment or Mutilation
  • Keeler Gonzales, Adrianna Medlock, and Areal Crawford—Group Exhibit--  Dr. Lilliehei and the First Open Heart Surgery


And honorable mentions for Isaac Stricherz—Individual Exhibit-- Hubert Humphrey

            Leticia Leon—Individual Exhibit-- Marge Anderson



Josh Fisher

-Teacher, Open AP US History

-Freshmen Men’s Soccer Coach

South High School, Minneapolis, MN


“History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are they way we are.”- David McCullough