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Social Workers & Psychologists

Every student at South High has a Social Worker to support them in their social-emotional growth. School Psychologists are also on staff to lend expertise in mental health matters. Make an appointment or stop in to see us on the second floor balcony. We are here for you!

Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid
Monday, March 29, 2021 2:15 PM


MMLA's Youth Law Project offers free legal advice for youth 18 and under, and those 18-24 who are homeless, in high school. Connect with your Social Worker or call 612.746.3763 to get help with:

  • DOPA (Delegation of Parental Authority), which assigns parental rights of a minor to another person.
  • Finding protection from abuse, neglect.
  • Establishing teen parent rights.
  • Getting government ID documents.
  • Getting immigration documents.
  • Other general legal questions.