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Men’s Cross Country Overview

Cross Country running can be traced back to ancient Greece’s marathons.  However, the organized cross country racing is not that old, beginning in the 1800’s in Great Britain.  At the time of the invention, it was called “the hare and the hounds.”  Some people called it “the paper chase.”

Cross Country is usually run on land, over hills.  Courses can be set up through wooded areas as well.  In the United States, many High Schools use golf courses to hold events.  They are held in the Fall of the year, when there are not as many golfers using the course

Cross Country did have a short presence in the Olympics, being held from 1912-1924.

At South, Cross Country for the Boys began during the 1920-21 school year.  For Girls, the first season of record was 1976-77 school year. Since 1976-77, the same person has been the head coach for both Boys and Girls, even though early on they were considered two teams and often trained separately.  Today, even though the Minnesota State High School League considers them individual teams, the runners train together, cheer for each other, and believe they make up one South High School Cross Country Team.

The Boys Team has appeared in the State Meet 20 times, and had brought home the championship four times, in consecutive seasons, 1988/89, 1989/90, 1990/91, and 1991/92.  The Girls team has appeared 10 times in the State Meet.  They are still waiting for their first State Title.

Two Tigers, boys, have won the State Individual Championship.  The first was Dan Virnig in the 1992/93 school year.  The second was Hassan Mead in the 2006-07 school year.  Mead participated in the 5,000 meter race at the 2016 Olympics held in Rio de Janerio

***The information on this and the yearly historical pages, including photographs, has been amassed through a variety of sources, including South High School yearbooks (much of the written information is directly from what was written in the yearbooks), Minneapolis Newspapers, and District archives.

***If there are additions or corrections, please contact the South High Athletic Department.

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