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Mayor highlights college futures of South High seniors


The luncheon discussion resembled very much a college seminar class. However, the topic this day was the prospect of college and a reflection on the MPS education South students have acquired thus far.

Senior students generally expressed a shared affinity for their experience at South High, appreciation for their teachers, and particularly for the opportunities gained in being part of a diverse population. However, they underscored a desire to see that same diversity reflected in faculty and not just within support staff.

In turn, Superintendent Goar and Mayor Hodges offered words of advice. Hodges recommended that students pursue meaningful connections with their professors. She said that she was a student who didn't test particularly well in math, although she knew the material. Having made the effort to connect with the professor and the teaching assistant, this allowed her to ask for a testing accommodation so she could be successful in the class. She added, "these relationships are important, and will last a lifetime. Go after class. Visit your professors. They want to help you."

Principal Aponte added, "I continue to be amazed by the presence and knowledge that our students had during the engaging conversation with our Mayor. I am very proud of my students."

The visit and discussion took place the same week in which the celebrated "College Signing Day" is observed.