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This Day in U.S. History: May 29


1677 – Treaty of Middle Plantation establishes peace between the Virginia colonists and the local Natives.

1780 – American Revolutionary War: At the Battle of Waxhaws, the British continue attacking after the Continentals lay down their arms, killing 113 and critically wounding all but 53 that remained.

1790 – Rhode Island becomes the last of the original United States' colonies to ratify the Constitution and is admitted as the 13th U.S. state.

1848 – Wisconsin is admitted as the 30th U.S. state.

1886 – The pharmacist John Pemberton places his first advertisement for Coca-Cola, which appeared in The Atlanta Journal.

1919 – Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity is tested (later confirmed) by Arthur Eddington and Andrew Claude de la Cherois Crommelin.

1931 – Michele Schirru, a citizen of the United States, is executed by Italian military firing squad for intent to kill Benito Mussolini.

1932 – World War I veterans begin to assemble in Washington, D.C., in the Bonus Army to request cash bonuses promised to them to be paid in 1945.

1942 – Bing Crosby, the Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra record Irving Berlin's "White Christmas", the best-selling single in history.

1988 – The U.S. President Ronald Reagan begins his first visit to the Soviet Union when he arrives in Moscow for a superpower summit with the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

1999 – Space Shuttle Discovery completes the first docking with the International Space Station.

2001 – The U.S. Supreme Court rules that the disabled golfer Casey Martin can use a cart to ride in tournaments.

2004 – The National World War II Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C.


1736 – Patrick Henry, American lawyer and politician, 1st Governor of Virginia (d. 1799)

1871 – Clark Voorhees, American painter (d. 1933)

1903 – Bob Hope, English-American actor, singer, and producer (d. 2003)

1917 – John F. Kennedy, American lieutenant and politician, 35th President of the United States (d. 1963)

1938 – Fay Vincent, American lawyer and businessman

1939 – Al Unser, American race car driver

1941 – Bob Simon, American journalist (d. 2015)

1947 – Anthony Geary, American actor

1955 – John Hinckley, Jr., American attempted assassin of Ronald Reagan

1984 – Carmelo Anthony, American basketball player

1986 – Hornswoggle, American wrestler


1500 – Bartolomeu Dias, Portuguese explorer and navigator (b. 1451)

1866 – Winfield Scott, American general, lawyer, and politician (b. 1786)

1942 – John Barrymore, American actor and singer (b. 1882)

1951 – Fanny Brice, American singer and comedian (b. 1891)

1953 – Man Mountain Dean, American wrestler and actor (b. 1891)

1953 – Morgan Russell, American painter and educator (b. 1886)

1979 – Mary Pickford, Canadian-American actress, producer, and screenwriter, co-founded United Artists (b. 1892)

1997 – George Fenneman, Chinese-American radio and television announcer (b. 1919)

1998 – Barry Goldwater, American general and politician (b. 1909)

2004 – Archibald Cox, American lawyer and politician, 31st United States Solicitor General (b. 1912)

2006 – Steve Mizerak, American pool player (b. 1944)

2008 – Harvey Korman, American actor, singer, and director (b. 1927)