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South artists, students launch "The Maze"


The Maze, expressely produced for and by students, formed a five student editorial board which selected 30 student submissions from a field of 45 for its first issue. Writing consists of poetry, short stories, non-fiction. Art submissions included drawings and photography.

English teacher Corinth Matera provided funding for the The Maze with prize money that came to her with the Minneapolis Educator Leadership award.  For that, she was nominated by fellow teacher Tanya Hodge

Matera also dedicated that prize money to enhancing curriculum by bringing in Spoken Word artists and speakers for English classes.

The next issue of The Maze

is expected to be released in spring of 2017!

Contributors to The Maze:

Anthony Beerswing
Phoebe Eisenbeis
Jenesis Hope Fonder
Christian Freed
Isabel Hansen
Veronica Hayes
Yesenia Hernandez Nava
Nora Howley
Iddy Ibrahim
Micah Janssens
Yajneng Lee
Sophia Manolis
Iridian Martinez Ruiz
Felix Mjelde
Marina Norby
Sharri Nurein
Maya O'Loughlin
Elwood Olson
Emma Pederson
Mimi Richter
Elizabeth Santana
Inga Schierkalk
Eva Shallabarger
Adria Stewart
Nadine Stodolka
Dominique Tapplin
Zoë Wolff
Kaiya Woller