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Econ students take on JA Competition


Econ students at South battled it out using a computerized business simulator to market a hypothetical product hoping to come out on top as the industry leader.

This business playoff, determined which students would advance to the Junior Achievement Metro Challenge.

Volunteer Mark Takmiya, took time from his day job at the Metropolitan Airport Commission to facilitate the competition.

Congratulation to the winners!

1st                            2nd                                3rd

Anna Bichon               Mimi Richter                    Caleb Venkhatrathnam

Menna Bassionny        Nathan MacEwan              Sam Kleven

Jacob Zhang               Ali Abdi                            Jack Verchota

Jalan Jones                Persephone Valentine        Brian Medel



Interestingly, the 2nd place team of Richter, MacEwan, Abdi and Valentine began the competition in 8th place, but quickly regrouped, adjusted strategy and made fast work in climbing the rankings.

Depending on funding resources, South may take 1, 2 or all 3 teams to the Metro competition this spring.