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South High, the place to bloom!


Congratulations to Science teacher Susan Peterson for winning an $800 UMN Monarch grant on behalf fo the four South High campus gardens. The grant will fund: a gardening storage box, landscaping materials and vegetable plants. She has been joined by a number of staff and students (AVID, Autism program, and National Honor Society) over the years. 

The vegetable garden, planted in 2016, is the first of four gardens planted on the South High campus, and the one providing fresh garden produce for school meals.

Since that time, three more gardens are gracing and beautifying the campus landscape: an additional vegetable garden, a pollinator garden and the All Nations garden, planted in 2017.

Science teacher, Carmen Gavin-Vanegas says the All Nations garden will be bigger and better this year with the grant funds. "We will be able to terrace part of the slope and plant some bushes there to reduce erosion and make the garden more visually appealing.

The All Nations garden will maintain last year's plantings of:
Medicines (sage, sweetgrass, cedar, and tobacco)
Red willow (red osier dogwood)
Arikara squash
Arikara beans
Havasupai sunflowers
Indigenous heirloom corn from Mr. Bezh
Lamb´s quarters (a traditional green used by both Dakota and Ojibwe people).
This year, the AN garden will add:
Wild strawberries
Additional medicinal plants still to be determined.
In April, students and staff will be working the gardens and volunteers are always welcome.
Planning, too, is underway for the 2nd Annual South High Garden Party!  Come dressed ready to dig in the dirt, and then reward yourself with food truck fare!
Details to come.