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Indian Ed update from Tami Johnson


From Tami Johnson:

"We have continued with our theme of dreams of our future. 

We read about the Ojibwe and Lakota versions of dream catchers and what they represent.  Students completed their own dream catchers and attached paper feathers on the bottom with their own future aspirations written on them.

Previous groups’ trivia answer:

Q:  Who wrote Dreams from My Father

A:  Pres. Barack Obama

We use this story to draw parallels to the challenges Native students face as they search for their personal and cultural identities: 

1) Do we buy into society’s stereo-ype image and community pressures to be ‘Indian’ and what does that even mean?  Or do we know who we and hold that strong to face any challenges that come our way?  

2) Does pursuing a higher education or being smart mean that you are less Native?  Where did that belief originate?"