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Give to South High without spending a dime


Give to South High! No money needed!

Regardless of income, when YOU complete the  Educational Benefits Form online, or the paper form, aka "Free/Reduced Lunch Form," mailed in the green envelope, this translates into real dollar$ for our South High Community! 

NOTE: List all your MPS schoolchildren on one form and then you only have to complete one form.
If you don't qualify, simply:

  • Complete Step 1 (children's names) List all on one form, even if attending different schools.
  • Check Box: "Household Income Does Not Qualify"
  • SKIP to Step 4 and sign! 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I fill out the Application for Education Benefits?

Completing this form has a significant impact on Minneapolis Public Schools. It will assist your student, family, school, and district in receiving benefits. Benefits for schools include school funding, so by completing the application you are helping to ensure every school in MPS gets all the funding it deserves. Student and family benefits may include free or discounted fees for cable and internet providers, no-cost meals and snacks, reduced athletic, transportation, and testing fees, etc.

How much funding does Minneapolis Public Schools receive when families complete the form?

Nearly $100 million in Education Benefits for MPS is generated each year from the application.


Yes, seriously.

What are the ways funds can be used by schools if I complete the application?

Funding determined by the application can be used for the following: 

  • Family Engagement
  • CPEO – Connecting Parents to Educational Opportunities
  • Early Childhood, Hi-5, Pre-School
  • Professional Development
  • Direct Instructional Services
  • Remedial Instruction Services: Reading, language arts, mathematics, study skills
  • Additional teachers and teacher aides
  • Lower instructor to learner Ratios
  • Out of School Time Programming
  • Instructional Materials, Digital Learning
  • Truancy Reduction Programs
  • Bilingual and bicultural programs
  • All Day Kindergarten

Do I need to complete an application each year?

Yes. Each year, all families of enrolled students are asked to complete the application. Eligibility from a previous year expires 30 days after the new school year begins.

Can I complete the form online?

YES! Online applications are encouraged since they are often simpler for families and your school. They can be completed at Instructions to complete the online form can be found at  

Where can I get a paper application?

Applications are mailed to every enrolled student the first week of August. Additional applications are available in English, Spanish, Somali, and Hmong. Please contact Hashep Seka, CWS Information Assistant, at or 612-668-2865 to request additional forms. Schools may request as many additional applications as needed for your school. 

What information do I need to complete the application?

  1. Names, birthdates, grades, and schools of all MPS enrolled students 
  2. Assistance program (SNAP, MFIP, FDPIR) case number (if applicable)
    NOTE – Medical Assistance does not apply
    1. Names of all remaining household members (if not receiving benefits from an assistance program), including all adults and any non-MPS student children. Those that may be too young to attend school and those attending in a different district should all be included here.
      • All regular, gross income (before taxes and deductions) for family members
      • Frequency of income for family members Signature of adult completing the for
    2. Signature of adult completing the form 

If you have any questions as you’re filling out the application, please contact Hashep Seka, CWS Information Assistant, at or 612-668-2865 for assistance.