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I Love You Baby Girl: A Heartbreaking True Story of Child Abuse

I love you by Desire Nights
I love you by Desire Nights

What are some of your childhood memories? Could they be
things like a special birthday party, a family trip, a reward for an achievement? Sarah had her own set of childhood memories, a boy tied to a chair, a dark leather belt, forgotten birthdays, being hungry, vacant eyes, and lost innocence. These are the memories that put dark clouds on her days, and caused her to cry out in her dreams. These are the memories of a child living a life enveloped within child abuse.

"I Love You Baby Girl", is the true story of the adversity and triumphs one girl faced as she fought against those that threatened her very survival. Cry with Sarah as her pain is described, wonder how she could survive the constant
abuse, cheer her on as she fights back, and rejoice with her when she finally breaks through to freedom from a life of heartbreak.

"I Love You Baby Girl" is volume #1 in a two part series
called Not a Victim... But a Survivor. The second book in the series "I Learned to Love Myself" will be releasing the end
of April 2013, and is a continuation of Sarah's story as she heals from a past of child and sexual abuse, and becomes a survivor