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Forty-seven students earn history day honors!


South's 31 state qualifiers will compete in the State History Day competition Sunday, May 1 at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus.  Below is the full list of state qualifiers as well as South students recognized with district honorable mentions. Congratulations to all! [A late addition, in the research paper category, increases South's total number of state qualifiers to 32!

Individual Performance                                                                         Topic             Status #s
Shahrazat Nurein                        Betty Crocker: Exchanging Recipes and Exploring Gender Roles State 1
Group Documentary      
Caroline Haarman, Nina Kilgriff   State 2
Vivian Sieger, Lilah Schulz, Rose Letofsky Title IX: The Exploration of Female Athletics & Academics State 3
Vivian Spitzer, Audrey McGary, Phoenix Esposito   HM  
George Muller, Ray Johnson-Jenson Chuck Berry HM  


Individual Documentary      
Clare McDonald Margaret Mead: Exploring the Influence of Culture State 1
Group Website      
Nurfadila Khairunnisa, Marian Hassan, Asha Salah The Red Scare State 3
Noah Adriany, Bryan Olson Our Interstellar Mission State 2
Kai Alton, Joe Branca, Sam Kleven The US Occupation of Haiti State 3
Jacob Zhang, Anna Sommers US-Dakota War of 1862 State 2
Sanjana Miller, Ingrid Heard Minneapolis Teacher Strike State 2
Liam McQuade, Cole Wyeth, Stella Schaeffer-Brown Nixon, the CIA, and Facism HM  
Dylan Halburg, Gloria Olmeda Native Lacrosse HM  
Individual Website      
Maddy Tennant 3M: From Mining to Manufacturing State 1
Sonja Swanson Nellie Bly: The Mother of Modern Journalism State 1
Ella Johnstad Katherine Johnson: From Science to Sexism State 1
Annika Mikk The Graham Movement State 1
Emma Schluter   State 1
Caleb Vakatrathnam   State 1
Anya Naylor How Sugar Changed Slavery Forever State 1
Rosa Lefthand Battle of Greasy Grass HM  
Group Exhibit      
Bryce Maples, Luis Cuyun Christianity and Comic Censorship State 2
Bela Toscani, Calvin Wilson Alice Paul State 2
Haley Kline, Reya Jones The Kinsey Scale HM  
Oliver Elias, Walker Nelson, Abdi Mohamed Minneapolis Co-Op Wars HM  
Individual Exhibit      
Marina Norby The Hubble Space Telescope: Window to the Cosmos State 1
Resarch Paper Darla Dennis Japanese American Internment State                          1