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Hiba Hussein remembered


The many, who knew Hiba, personally and from afar, noted she was always smiling, never complained, loved school. She was a dedicated, hard-working student who made her mark at South High in profound and fun ways.

Remembrances of Hiba:

"Whenever I saw her in the hallways or worked with her in a classroom, she always had this contagious smile on her face no matter how sick she was.  She had such a joy for being in school, and was always helping others when she could. She will truly be missed by all of us...and anyone who had a chance to meet her...."

-Laura Anderson


"Hiba was so much more than I could ever express in an email. She was a beautiful, hardworking, caring, funny human being. Last year, even when she was going through chemo, she would email her teachers for the work she had missed.  As soon as she felt well enough, she would come back to school—despite being in pain quite often. I can’t remember my last conversation with her. I can’t remember if I gave her a hug. I certainly hope I did.  She wrote me a letter once, telling me that the cancer was back.  In it, she thanked me for helping her with homework. She wrote, 'I will not forget you for my life.' I couldn't have put it better myself, honestly. Hiba was and is unforgettable."

-Elizabeth Carey


Students, who may need a place to talk, feel their grief, or need a quiet space to be, are encouraged to request a pass to visit with a Social Worker, Counselor or any number of supportive staff members here at school. Students need not have known Hiba to be affected by this news. All are encouraged to seek support. 

We extend condolences, peace and gratitude to Hiba's family for being part of, and sharing Hiba with, our community at South High School. 


Students and families wishing to send condolences may send to:

The family of Hiba Hussein
c/o Principal Ray Aponte
South High School
3131 19th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407