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We're here to help!

At South High, our professional staffers are here to give guidance to families to ensure student success.

For any issue standing in the way of student achievement and well-being, please look to us as resources. 

Administrators oversee all students, staff and school programs.

Counselors give academic guidance to students as they progress to graduation.

Health Office staff help students with administering medication, or immediate illnesses that occur in the course of a school day.

Parent Liaisons host tours, open houses, parent teacher conferences; and provide multilingual communication assistance.

School-Based Clinic staff addresses medical, mental health, nutrition and health education needs by appointment and with prior parent consent.

School Psychologist assists students with mental health challenges.

Social Workers help students with obstacles and issues they face beyond the classroom.


Please visit our pages listed in the left navigation bar for contact information and details on how each team can help.