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Health 1 Syllabus


Health Science 1

Course Syllabus- Fall Semester 2015

Units we’ll be working on

Unit 1-                    Personal Health and Wellness           (4 weeks)

Unit 2-                    Nutrition                                                (3 weeks)

Unit 3-                    Substance Abuse                                 (3 weeks)

Unit 4-                    Non-Communicable Diseases           (1 weeks)

Unit 5-                    Communicable Diseases                    (3 weeks)

Unit 6-                    Human Sexuality- Abstinence,         (3 weeks)

                                                pregnancy and contraception

Unit 7-                    Current Health Trends                        (1 week)

Materials you will need to bring with you every day

Pencil and/or pen                                 Paper/notebook

A laptop (if you have one)                                USB Flash Drive (if you have one)

A word about Assignments/Tests

  • We have many assignments in this class. Time will be given in class to work on all assignments. If you don’t finish in class, it becomes homework and is due by midnight that same day via email or sharing on google docs. Send to-
  • If you had an EXCUSED absence and missed an assignment, its up to you to talk to me to find out what you missed upon your return. You will get an equal amount of extra time to get the assignment in without penalty. Example- miss 2 days of school, get 2 extra days to get assignment in upon your return.
  • If you have an UNEXCUSED absence, simply don’t do an assignment or are late getting it done, you will lose 10% on your assignment grade for every day that its late.
  • Examples
    • Assignments worth 30 points            1 day late its worth 27 points max

2 days late its worth 24 points max

And so on…

                                Assignments worth 100 points          1 day late its worth 90 points max

                                                                                                2 days late its worth 80 points max

                                                                                                And so on…

                *Once an assignment is 5 days late, you will not be able to make it up at all!!

  • Assignments will be either individually assigned or assigned as group work.
  • There may be quizzes in each unit as well as a unit test.
  • When you finish any assignment, put it in the corresponding box in front of the class, not on my desk.





  • Every assignment, test and attendance point is listed in your student portal.
  • Your assignments will be graded daily and the points earned posted in the portal.
  • You will not get your assignments returned.
  • Tests will be graded ASAP and the points posted in the portal. Tests will be returned to you.
  • At the end of the quarter, all points are added from all sources and an overall grade percent is calculated for each of you. I follow the MPS grade scale listed below.


Grade Scale

93-100%       A                                                             73-77%  C

90-92%          A-                                                            70-72%  C-

88-89%          B+                                                           68-69%  D+

83-87%          B                                                             63-67%  D

80-82%          B-                                                            60-62%  D-

78-79%          C+                                                           0-59%    F

Extra Credit

One extra credit assignment can be done every week. Each assignment is worth from 1-10 points depending on the quality of the work done. The extra credit worksheets are in the box on the table in front of the class.

As you enter the room each day

  • Take the daily assignment sheet
  • Take an extra credit sheet if you choose


  • Vulgar and inappropriate language is not permitted
  • Harassment of others will not be tolerated
  • Destruction of any school property (computers, desks, chairs, etc) is not allowed and will be dealt with restitution
  • Inappropriate dress (sagging pants, headwear, low-cut tops, etc) is not allowed
  • Food is not allowed in class.
  • A covered drink bottle is allowed in class (screw top bottle or water bottle)
  • Cell phones, Ipods, headphones and games are not allowed in class except when approved for classroom use by Mr. Johnson

-First time this happens, the cell will be taken from you for the rest of the class

-The second time this occurs the cell will be taken from you for the whole day

-The third time this happens, you will be picked up by BEHAVIOR and your

phone will be taken until a parent comes and picks it up directly from me.

  • Talking while anyone is addressing the class as a whole is very disrespectful. A verbal warning will be given for the first time, BEHAVIOR will be called for the second time with a referral.





Attendance Expectations

  • It is expected that you be in class, on time every day.
  • You will receive attendance points every day. These points are in the student portal and are part of your grade in this class. They are given accordingly…

If you’re in class and on time-                                          5 points for the day

If you’re in class but have an unexcused tardy-           2 points for the day

If you have an unexcused absence-                                                0 points for the day

  • These attendance points can play a huge part of your grade at the end of the quarter.

Other stuff

-Reference letters and calls

-Seating charts


Accountability and Signature

I have read all of the above information on the Health 1 syllabus for Spring Semester 2015

and agree to the terms included.


Print Name ____________________________________________


Signature ______________________________________________            Date______________