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Have a schedule or calendar conflict?


How South High is Supporting Schedule Conflicts:

  • Students should complete this form if they have ongoing scheduling conflicts that require them to leave 6th hour early, OR if they have a scheduling conflict that prevents them from being in school through 6/24. 

  • South High Administrators will follow up with guardians to confirm the conflicts in schedule.

  • School Counselors will make schedule changes needed to minimize impact on affected students (eg. swapping release periods to 6th) 

  • 6th hour teachers will be notified if students need to leave all, or part, of their class on a regular basis.  

  • Teacher will continue to post all assignments onto Google Classroom. 

  • Administrators will work with students, counselors, and teachers to create a plan for learning for any students who are unable to attend after 6/10/22. 

  • Extended absence request.