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South sophomores to see Hamilton!


Project Success newsletter article:

South High Students to see Hamilton thanks to Project SUCCESS & Gilder Lehrman Institute

“I’m young, scrappy and hungry and I’m not throwing away my shot.”

This line from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical Hamilton could be the chorus of every Project SUCCESS student’s theme song.

Three years ago, a number of community leaders emphatically told Adrienne Diercks, Executive Director of Project SUCCESS, “Young people in Minneapolis must see Hamilton!” They spoke about the quality and energy of the performance, the diversity of the cast, and most importantly, the story that was being told: the immigrant story, one of loss, legacy, perseverance, and hope. Everyone was talking about the power of the story and how completely inspiring it would be for Project SUCCESS students.

Since Project SUCCESS has always believed in the transformative power of theater for students, the dream of bringing Hamilton to Minneapolis was pursued over the past three years. The presenters and producers of Hamilton along with the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History’s Hamilton Education Program (EduHam) had committed to bringing hundreds of thousands of students nationwide to see Hamilton. The Project SUCCESS dream has now become a partnership that has brought the Hamilton Education Program to Minneapolis for two student matinees, generously sponsored by Aroha Philanthropies, Target, and the Minnesota Vikings and the Wilf Family Foundations.

Project SUCCESS had a goal to bring all Minneapolis Public School students to see Hamilton. While this dream wasn’t able to be realized due to the popularity of this show and the criteria of the Hamilton Education Program, Project SUCCESS is grateful to have worked with the Gilder Lehrman Institute to ensure every Project SUCCESS student eligible for the Hamilton Education Program will be able to attend.

In September and October 2018, there will be two school matinee performances (EduHam performances) bringing approximately 5,000 students from across Minnesota to see Hamilton. All students will receive the in-class workshops and curriculum that is included in EduHam – focusing on American History and student performances based on the characters in Hamilton.

Project SUCCESS will be supporting every Project SUCCESS student who is eligible to attend by sponsoring their ticket, lunch, and transportation to the production.

Project SUCCESS will be using the production and experience of Hamilton as a springboard for discussions, helping students dream and create plans for their futures.

Hamilton Education Program in Minneapolis: Key Details

The Gilder Lehrman Institute offers the Hamilton Education Program experience to Title I high schools at which 40% or more students receive free or reduced cost lunch. In order to take part in the Hamilton experience, students must attend a school eligible for the program, must be enrolled in a course that addresses US History, and must complete the EduHam curriculum, including the submission of a final project. Of the nine Project SUCCESS MPS partner high schools, seven were eligible based on the Gilder Lehrman criteria and all seven of those schools were chosen by Gilder Lehrman to attend. Washburn and Southwest were not eligible based on Gilder Lehrman criteria.


The following MPS Project SUCCESS partner schools will be attending the September 27 matinee performance:

·       Thomas Edison High School

·       Patrick Henry High School

·       Roosevelt High School

·       South High School


The following MPS Project SUCCESS partner schools will be attending the October 4 matinee performance:

·       Longfellow High School

·       North High School

·       Wellstone International High School


How you as a Parent/Guardian can support your student

We are excited that South High students enrolled in courses that address US history (primarily 10th & 11th grade students) will have the opportunity to attend this production. As a parent of one of those students, you can support this exciting opportunity by:

·       Signing the waiver/permission form as soon as your student brings that home

·       Asking your student about the curriculum they are doing in their classroom around Hamilton

·       Checking in with them about the themes of the show after they see the performance

Your student will not be able to attend the performance without a signed waiver/permission form and completion of the curriculum.

If you have questions about whether or not your student is eligible, based on the Gilder Lehrman criteria, please reach out to your school for details.


About Hamilton

Hamilton is an American musical about the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, with music, lyrics, and book by Lin-Manuel Miranda, inspired by the 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton by historian Ron Chernow. The modern way Hamilton’s story is told along with talented cast of mostly black and Latino actors, has led to more young people coming away from the show with a changed view of America and themselves. It instills in them a sense of civic ownership and speaks to them on a personal level. Perhaps most important, Hamilton teaches young people about love, loss, legacy. In a word: life.


About Project SUCCESS

Project SUCCESS is a youth-development organization that works with 14,000 students in 19 Minneapolis public middle and high schools each year. Project SUCCESS motivates and inspires young people to dream about the future, helps them take steps to get there and gives them the tools they need to achieve their goals. Through goal-setting workshops every month in every English/Language arts classroom, professional and student theater experiences, and experience learning opportunities, students build life skills, supportive relationships, confidence, and motivation, and graduate with plans for their futures. Project SUCCESS believes in the power of theater to illuminate the world and uses professional theater as a tool to inspire students, help them look at the real-life issues they face, demonstrate they are members of a larger community and act as a springboard for discussion in the classroom workshops and at home.


About the Hamilton Education Program in Minneapolis

The Hamilton Education Program in Minnesota was coordinated by Project SUCCESS in partnership with Hamilton producers and The Public Theater, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, The Rockefeller Foundation and Broadway Across America. Local Hamilton programming and access to performances through Hennepin Theatre Trust are made possible by major grants from Aroha Philanthropies, Target, and the Minnesota Vikings and the Wilf Family Foundations.