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Students take over teaching!


South teachers are experiencing a role reversal, getting schooled by students of South's Gender Sexuality Alliance. "Gay is OK," "It's not a phase, Mom," and "Break the Binaryare workshops presented by students Ash, Reya, Red and Maren, which also merit professional development credit for teachers! Attendance is voluntary, as is student time in planning and presenting. A few rave reviews from first week session, "Gay is OK":

  • The GSA workshop I attended this morning was excellent!  The information was pertinent, insightful, and really well presented. I took away thoughts and ideas to help foster an inclusive environment for all students at South.  I will be attending all of the sessions! - Liz Rudrud, School Psychologist
  • I would encourage all staff to attend the GSA workshops.  Students have worked hard to help staff understand the many ways that queer students are absent from the narratives we teach in our classrooms and privilege in our day-to-day lives, and building awareness as a staff is a step to including queer students and queer voices in our school spaces. - Mary Manor, English Teacher
  • Most valuable for me this morning was hearing from our students themselves.  We can read the statistics or stories, hear from another adult, but having students share this information is more powerful. - Meg HoytScience Teacher
  • I also highly encourage all staff to attend these sessions. The students are well prepared and present the information in a very straight forward and easy to access manner. It takes guts to open up and talk to their teachers about these topics. - Mick Hamilton II, Science Teacher