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Hello South High Community!
Science classroom

I am the Physical Science teacher for the Open Program. While this is just my 3rd year teaching at South, I've taught science in the Minneapolis Public Schools since 1993. For lots of information about this class including syllabus, homework, plenty of pictures and quite a few other supportive resources, please visit my web site at


Where do I come from?

As a class-of-'79 Miller, it was great to expand my affiliations to also include being a Tiger in 2014. It's not like South was new to me, I've lived in the neighborhood for almost 25 years and both my children were/are Tigers. Both have loved the Open program and I'm happy to be continuing to grow as an Open teacher. Though Physics & Astronomy were my passions growing up, Biology became my new intellectual joy and when I graduated from Carleton in 1983 it was with a BA in Biology.

Within a year of graduating from college I joined Peace Corps and learned and worked and lived in Guatemala for 3+ years. Of course, I used science every day as I helped and learned from people in the town, working with Agroforestry. After earning an MA at Teachers College in NYC while getting my first 2 years of teaching under my belt, my wife and I returned to Minneapolis where I've been teaching ever since. I've been working on earning my Phd in Science Education at the U of MN for the last 10 years and am *almost* done. Ask me about the philosophy of science, engineering or the learning of science, community dialog and technology at your own risk!

In conclusion, I believe that through our knowledge and passions and our imagination and our day to day actions and efforts that together we continuously improve our selves and our shared world/s. Let's do it!

does this fire?!