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GiveMN 2021 Campaign
South High Library and Media Center 


To our amazing donors and families, this school year (2021-2022) our campaign is focusing on how to improve the accessibility of the Library at South, both physically and with added resources.  

Please help us in providing these resources for the students at South. Below is a listing of items that will aid students with vision impairments, hearing loss, reading disabilities, dexterity issues and also benefit all students.

"Last year, I asked teachers what technology we could add to the library and the response was assistive technologies for students who have physical limitations.  Electric standing desks could be adjusted for different wheelchair heights.  They can also be adjusted for the physically able student who is tired of sitting all day. 

By adding as much assistive technology as possible to our library, we seek to make every student feel welcomed and enabled to be independent and successful."  -Deb Snell, Teacher Librarian

Technology requests:

  1. CCT Reader or My Reader (vision impairment) Closed Caption Tv Reader - 15" screen that blows up paper to an enlarged size.
  2. Z phone Video Relay Service for individuals with hearing loss - A deaf person calls a hearing person with a live remote interpreter.  Video interpretation of sign language

    or calling directly someone for a video chat.  One time purchase.

  3. Software:

        -  Dragon Speaking Naturally - (use a flash drive to create a profile) 

     -  Jaws - for individuals with visual impairment (Reads screen aloud)

     -  Kursweill  3000 - vision impairment cognitive etc, reading disability - converts text  into speech (highlights text as it goes across control speed of text...stops on definitions (multiple languages)) 

     -  Magic or Zoom Text- screen enlarger (zoom text includes has speech)

Accessories Requests:

           -   Braille keyboards

       -  High contrasting keyboards

       -  Keyboards with really large keys

       -  Large mice (for people with dexterity problems)

       -  Mouse track balls

       -  Optical lens magnifier (hand held)

       -  Sound clear personal amplifiers (tiny)

Computer Tables Request:  Replacing 5-10 of the computer tables from stationary desk to adjustable sit/stand ergonomic desks for a variety of wheel chair sizes.  This would benefit all students! (~$250/table)

Library Entry/Exit Request - Improving the entry/exit to the Library with the addition of an automatic operator for the doors. (~$25,000)

Be the difference in enriching the experience of South students by supporting the South High Foundation.