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French class learns about Katrina

Diego Fuentes-Espinosa, Mr. Elmond Saul, son Lawawn Saul

Reading about history is one thing, but to have it speak to you in the form of someone who lived it, is quite another. And to have that person be the father of a peer proved to be even more impactful for students in Kristen Gupta's first year French class this past quarter.

It happend wihen Lawawn Saul's father, Mr. Elmond Sault shared stories of his French-Creole upbringing in Louisiana. But it was his story of surviving Hurricane Katrina that gripped the classroom.

"I almost cried. It's still in my head," one student said. Another,  "I was oblivious to things that happened during Katrina. I kept thinking how we take a lot for granted."

In short, Mr. Saul told Kristen Gupta's class how he grew up in Louisiana, speaking both French and English as a child. During Hurricane Katrina, he and his family were stuck at the Superdome in New Orleans for THREE weeks. This first-hand account of the tragedies the Saul family endured was a lesson in history, and compassion. It wasn't the only lesson, they also became acquainted with various traditions of the region like Mardi Gras, Creole food, regional ghost stories, and the notion of voodoo, local to Mr. Saul's birthplace..