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FAQs about quarter 4


If a student decides they want to go back to Distance Learning, can they do this?
Yes. Students may change their status from "In-person" to "DL"; or "DL" to "In-person."
To do this, they should contact Erica Evans, Attendance Clerk, via email or phone. | 612.668.4314

Need language support?
Spanish-speakers should contact Esmeralda Duran-Silvan | 612.668.4381
Somali-speakers should contact Ijaba Abdulkadir | 612.668.4357

I understand the block schedule will be the same  but that Wednesday will be different. How will Wednesday be different?
Wednesdays, no student will come to the building. EVERY STUDENT will be a distance learner. See schedule.

If an in-person student doesn't make it to school or decides to just log in from home that day, can they do that?
Yes. In-person students should inform teachers of their situation, and they will not be marked absent. However, if it becomes a pattern, students and families should reconsider changing their status to DL. 

Students eating breakfast can enter the building as early as? 
7:55 a.m. unless they are zero hour students, who will be admitted earlier, in time for their 7:25 a.m. class.

When will zero hour students eat breakfast? They will have time between their zero hour class and their 1st or 4th hour class to grab breakfast and take to class to eat.

Students not eating breakfast can enter when? 
About 5-10 minutes prior to their first class start time, generally this would be 8:15 a.m., allowing enough time to be seated by 8:20 a.m.
Won’t students need more time to go to their lockers?
Lockers will not be used to comply with social distancing protocols and to restrict hallway traffic. Students should be prepared to carry all items in backpacks.
Students cannot eat breakfast in the commons, but they can eat lunch in the commons? Is this is correct?
Correct. Students eating school breakfast, may enter the building at 7:55 a.m., grab breakfast which they'll take it to class to eat. School starts at 8:20, and the cafeteria will close at 8:15 to ensure students are on time. Lunch will be in the commons with assigned seating. Please clean up and throw all waste in bins. There will be no recycling.
What will lunchtime look like for Distance Learners?
DL students will have lunch at the same time their classmates and teacher have lunch. The only difference is they will be at home or wherever they choose to have lunch. 

If parents are not allowed in the building, how will they pick up students for medical appointments, etc. without coming to the main office?Parents shoud contact attendance clerk Erica Evans, 612.668.4314, to arrange a dismissal time. Students will be called down to the front desk.

Are we to be socially distanced at 6 ft, or are we adjusting to new CDC guidelines of 3 ft?
Six feet apart as much as possible, especially when eating. When not possible, students should be 3 feet apart from classmates, 6 feet apart from teachers.

What are expectations for safety? From our Health Team: 

  1. Stay home if you are sick and notify the health office immediately: 612.668.4311.
  2. Wear a mask in school and in confines of public transportation or crowded areas.
  3. Students are advised to pack an extra mask or two. They can get wet and start to feel uncomfortable. 
  4. If you have questions about whether you should stay home call the health office 612.668.4311.
  5. We are in this together, staff, students, and families. Please reach out if you have questions or concerns. 
This is an excellent resource with videos and FAQs from MPSt

Use of paper: Are students to bring notebooks? Can teachers still pass out paper? Or will everything be online? 
Students can bring and use their own individual notebooks. If teachers need to pass out paper, papers will be on a table for students to grab them as all the work is expected to be completed on line.  Some students will have paper as per their Individual Educational Plan or other pre-arranged plans. 

How about card games, board games, games where we draw or write on the white board. What are the rule on sharing/touching same objects like cards, board pieces and white board markers? 
No. Games involving cards, touching surfaces, or objects will NOT be played.  There is no sharing of objects. The only person using the whiteboard, if needed, is the teacher. 

What are ideas on what to do when students are done with work? Could teachers bring students for a quick 5-10 min walk outside around the block? Can we use the field? Social distance on the stadium bleachers?
Students are expected to stay in their assigned classroom (contact tracing). The field (practice and football) could potentially be used by PE teachers.   Stadium bleachers will not be used at this time. 

If an in-person class prefers to eat in with teacher permission, could they just do that instead of lunching in the cafeteria? 
Lunch will take place in the assigned Commons and surrounding tables, not in the classroom. Teachers have their own lunchtime during this time. 

How will bathrooms work for both students and staff? 
Students will use student-designated bathrooms and teachers will use teacher-designated bathrooms. 

What are the social distance expectations for use of bathrooms? 
Two students at a time with 3 feet of social distancing + mask wearing. 

Can tutors or teachers just leave the room to use the bathroom? 
No. Licensed staff must be always in the classroom to supervise students. That has never been an option. 

With social distancing requirements, a limited number of students are allowed in the bathrooms but we have only one minute of extra passing time, how will this work? 
Students are not expected to go to the bathroom during passing time. Students report to their class and are to be excused during class to use the bathroom. 

Will bathrooms be monitored for distancing/limits?  
It is the hope and assumption students choosing in-person support will be trusted to be responsible to follow guidelines. In case there are students struggling with the expectations we will deal with the situations on a case by case basis.

Will students be reprimanded if they’re late for class because of bathroom limits?

Entrances (just door 1, or will another be used?)  
Door 1 is the main entrance / Door 15 for students arriving by MPS school buses.

Do students need ID to enter the building?

What if I don't have ID, or a schedule or the materials because I couldn't attend distribution events?
Staff will be at Door #1 to greet students and assist students in getting schedules, IDs or other materials, if they don't yet have them. These first days of the quarter are flexible days, in which we anticipate taking time to accommodate students in the transition to the classroom. We will be glad to assist you. 

Which exit doors will be used, so parents know where to pick up?
On the first A day and B day, students and parents should agree upon a general pick-up location. After those days, students should determine which exit will work best and coordinate future pick-up locations with their drivers.
Will there be guidelines, rules about talking to classmates?  
Each teacher will have their own class expectations about participation and students will be made aware of their plan.   
If students aren’t following safety protocols, how will this be addressed?
It is expected that students, choosing in-person support, understand their responsibilities in following protocols. If students struggle with meeting expectations, we will deal with those situations as they arise.

For additional information, please refer to the homepage sidebar "4TH QUARTER UPDATES."

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