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Electronic Books Now Available from the South High Library
The library has two ways to access electronic library books. We can check them out from Mackin Via or Follett Shelf. Books can be read online or downloaded to an electronic device. If you have any questions or comments regarding online books please speak to one of the school media specialists in the library. 
Mackin Via – Read Books Online
2.   Choose School “South High School, Minneapolis”
If you have to type it in, the name must be exact.)
3.   Username:  MPS username
4.   Password: personal password for MPS
5.  "Checkout" the book you want
6.  "Return" when finished with the book
MackinVia App – download books to an electronic device
1.       Download the MackinVia App (choose South High School, Minneapolis)
2.       Login using MPS username and password
3.       Books can be downloaded to your device. Please note, if you download it to your device, you will not be able to read it online.
Follett Shelf – Read Books Online 

1              Sign in to the library catalog called Destiny (

2              Choose “South High”

3.             Login  (your district username and password) and choose the catalog tab at the top.

4.             Choose “Follet Shelf” on the left column

5.             Double click on the title you want to view.

6.             Click on the book bag, if you want to check a title out.

Follett Shelf – download books to an electronic device
1.       Download the app, Follett Enlight K-12 (their e-reader app)
2.       Put in your school username and password
3.       Add wbb14439 in the box and login
4.       Books can now be downloaded to your device