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Debate season off to stellar start


Greenhill Fall Classic

The team of Clara Conry and Annabelle Niblett finished in the top 16 in this national tourney. Clara was the 6th ranked speaker, out of 181; Annabelle was ranked 25th.

The MDTA Jamboree Hosted (online) by Wayzata High School

Nina Nguyen and Peter Dang competed for the first time at this tournament and earned 2nd place in the rookie division. This is a great accomplishment! Jade Albers earned a top ten speaker award at 6th place; and Peter earned 11th.

Tournament Results 

Rookie Division

  • Team Awards: 

    • 2nd: Nguyen & Dang

    • 16th: Winters & Albers

    • 17th: Shaibu & Hill

  • Speaker Awards: 

    • 6th: Jade Albers

    • 11th: Peter Dang

    • 12th: Nina Nguyen

    • 15th: Tabrielle Hill

    • 19th: Muniratu Shaibu

    • 21st: Noah Winters


Roseville Rosebowl

The team of Voelkel & Winters took first-place honors in the Nove division of the Roseville Rosebowl. Ava Winters also won a fifth place speaker award, while Shannon Voelkel placed sixth in garnering a speaker awared. Noah Johnson placed third in the Junior Varsity division, and scored a seventh place speaker award win!


Tournament Results: Friday 

Novice Division: 

Team Awards: 

  • 9th: Voelkel & Winters

  • 18th: Winters & Vazquez 

Speaker Awards: 

  • 16th: Ava Winters 

  • 25th: Shannon Voelkel 

  • 32nd: Noah Winters 

  • 35th: Chris Vazquez

Tournament Results: Saturday 

Novice Division: 

Team Awards: 

  • 1st: Voelkel & Winters

  • 20th: Dang & Nguyen

  • 23rd: Winters & Shaibu

Speaker Awards: 

  • 5th: Ava Winters

  • 6th: Shannon Voelkel

  • 38th: Nina Nguyen

  • 39th: Noah Winters

  • 40th: Muniratu Shaibu

  • 42nd: Peter Dang

Junior Varsity Division: 

Team Awards: 

  • 3rd: Noah Johnson

Speaker Awards: 

  • 7th: Noah Johnson