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SHS debaters claim top spot at Wayzata


Hello from the Minnesota Urban Debate League!

We’re excited to share the results of your debate team’s first tournament. Coaches Allegro Wang, Bobby Ciborowski, Chris Stinson, & Oskar Tauring-Traxler have worked hard to prepare them for the MDTA Jamboree at Wayzata High School and the Mid America Cup in West Des Moines.

This year, students are debating the resolution, “Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce Direct Commercial Sales and/or Foreign Military Sales of arms from the United States.”  

Congratulations to Ea Eckwall & Molly Reehl, who earned the 1st place award in the novice division! They competed against entries from schools like Wayzata, Edina, and Eagan to claim their spot at the top. “Ea and Molly are really jumping into it. It’s good to see people who were middle school debaters coming and joining in here,” says Caleb. 

We also want to recognize Caleb Stipkovits and Leila Sundin for making time to help the younger students at their first tournament of the year. “Leila came to help at this tournament instead of traveling - here early in the morning,” says Caleb. Thanks to both of them for helping lead the newest members of the team! 

We also wanted to recognize your Varsity debaters who traveled to Iowa to compete at the Mid America Cup National Tournament. The partnership of Clara Conry and Annabelle Niblett ended their first national tournament with two wins - very well done! The partnership of Gabe Chang Deutsch and Zigi Kaiser-Holt advanced all the way to finals, earning them one of their two required bids to attend the Tournament of Champions - a very prestigious tournament for the most experienced and competitive debaters!

Your team is off to a fantastic start. We can’t wait to see what’s next for them this debate season!


Jake Swede

Program Director

Minnesota Urban Debate League


Tournament Results


MDTA Jamboree

Novice (Closed): 

Team Awards: 

  • 1st: Reehl & Eckwall
  • 11th: Hilliard & Gearhart 
  • 29th: Luepker & Arens 

Speaker Awards: 

  • 7th: Ea Eckwall 
  • 8th: Molly Reehl 
  • 28th: Connor Hilliard 
  • 44th: Ezra Gearhart 
  • 45th: Felix Arens 
  • 50th: Liam Luepker 


Mid America Cup

Team Awards:

  • Kaiser-Holt & Chang-Deutsch: Runners Up
  • Conry & Niblett: 34th Place

Speaker Awards:

  • 26th: Gabe Chang-Deutsch
  • 43rd: Zigi Kaiser-Holt
  • 64th: Clara Conry
  • 67th: Annabelle Niblett



Jake Swede

Program Director, Minnesota Urban Debate League

2211 Riverside Ave CB 26

Minneapolis, MN 55454

Cell: 507-382-3740