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South debate racks up impressive wins


University of Minnesota Tournament - Oct. 7, 2017

The Urban Debate league issued congratulations to South High School for its impressive showing at the University of Minnesota debate tournament where Tigers won: the elite Round Robin division, the Novice division, and the Rookie division - three out of the five divisions!

Here's the rundown:

Novice division winners: Chang-Deutsch & Jahn-Vaurus
Rookie division winners: Lamb & Williamson  
Round Robin division winnter: Marie Stebbings & Ben Phi.

UMN Tournament Results

Round Robin Speakers:

  • Third Place: Marie Stebbings

Round Robin Teams:

  • Champions: Marie Stebbings & Ben Phi

Junior Varsity Speakers:

  • 9th place: Priya Dalal

  • 23rd place: Keegan Conlee

  • 28th place: Banyan Bendzick

Junior Varsity Teams:

  • 7th place: Priya Dalal & Abukar

  • 14th: Keegan Conlee & Banyan Bendzick

Novice Speakers:

  • Champions: Gabe Chang-Deutsch

  • 2nd place: Quintin Wolf

  • 4th place: Anton Jahn-Vaurus

  • 7th place: Isra Hirsi

  • 12th place: Davonte Hall

  • 22nd place: Zigi Kaiser-Holt

Novice Teams:

  • 1st place: Gabe Chang-Deutsch & Anton Jahn-Vaurus

  • 8th place: Irsi Hirsi & Zigi Kaiser-Holt

  • 12th place: Davonte Hall & Quintin Wolf

Rookie Speakers:

  • 2nd place: Lillian Lamb

  • 4th place: Guille Bastian McClain

  • 5th place: Eamon Howell

  • 7th place: Rahma Farah

  • 8th place: Marianna Hefte

  • 9th place: Elliot Duffy

  • 11th place: Shehnaz Nurien

  • 16th place: Jolyse Williamson

  • 17th place: Clement Lee

Rookie Teams:

  • Champions – Lillian Lamb & Jolyse Williamson

  • 2nd place – Guille Bastian McClain & Marianna Hefte

  • 5th place – Shehnaz Nurien & Rahma Farah

  • 7th place – Clement Lee & Eamon Howell & Elliot Duffy


South debater, Jahn-Vaurus expressed his passion for debate, saying, "It helps you to gain confidence and it helps you to learn more. The things you learn about can help you in school and out of school. You gain a broader perspective on the rest of the world. It’s really important!” 


Humboldt Tournament - Oct. 14, 2017

The Urban Debate League sent congratulation to South a second week in a row to spotlight the accomplishments of several South High debaters for their perfomrance in Humboldt:

Gabe Chang-Deutsch and Anton Jahn-Vaurus rose to the challenge of competing in the junior varsity division, and placed first.

Marianna Hefte also took an impressive first place win as a novice.

Eamon Howell and Elliot Duffy won first in the rookie division.

Coach Erick Taggart says he is most proud of the many new students who tried advancing to a higher division this week. “I was happy everyone was supportive of each other in trying to get to the next level and challenge themselves.”

Rookie-turned-novice Shehnaz agreed: “It was harder, but you learn a lot.”

Humboldt Tournament Results

Junior Varsity Speakers:

  • 1st: Gabe Chang-Deutsch

  • 2nd: Anton Jahn-Vaurus

Junior Varsity Teams:

  • 1st: Jahn-Vaurus and Chang-Deutsch

Novice Speakers:

  • 1st: Marianna Hefte

  • 9th: Quintin Wolf

  • 15th: Zigi Kaiser-Holt

  • 16th: Zach Moore

  • 19th: Isra Hirsi

  • 20th: Davonte Hall

  • 21st: Lillian Lamb

  • 27th: Guille Bastian McClain

  • 31st: Shehnaz Nurien

  • 49th: Rahma Farah

  • 51st: Alex Shack

  • 60th: Zakaria Mohamed

Novice Teams:

  • 16th: Hefte & Bastian McClain

  • 17th: Hall & Wolf

  • 18th: Kaiser-Holst & Hirsi

  • 22nd: Mohamed & Moore

  • 25th: Shack & Lamb

  • 36th: Farah & Nurien

Rookie Speakers:

  • 5th: Eamon Howell

  • 6th: Elliot Duffy

Rookie Teams:

  • 1st: Howell & Duffy


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