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Beginning Dance (offered in fall & spring)

Open to:  All students                Length:  Semester

Beginning Dance is a course designed to expose students to the world of dance at the high school level.  Students will learn about the capabilities of their bodies, learn warm-ups, create choreography, attend performances and have their skills and imaginations expanded through involvement in dance.  A broad range of dance forms such as ballet, modern, West African and hip-hop dance will be experienced through formal technique classes and cultural/historical activities.  This class provides the necessary skills and knowledge-base for students to progress in the dance program.

Dance II (offered in the spring)

Open to:  Any student who meets the prerequisite                                                                            

Prerequisite:  Beginning Dance or previous dance experience & permission of instructor                      Length:  Semester

This course builds on the skills and knowledge acquired in Beginning Dance.  Through more in-depth and focused exploration of technique, composition and elements of dance, students start to develop sound artistic practices.  Students will be expected to become more self-directed as they analyze, interpret, create and perform dance works.  Students will deepen their study of dance as they continue to increase their strength, flexibility, coordination, body integration and balance as it applies to technique.  Knowledge of choreographic principles and processes will also be applied through challenging projects.  Students in this class must demonstrate leadership abilities and ensemble work ethic.   This course will focus intensely on ballet, modern and jazz dance technique.

Dance Company I (Intermediate)

Open to:  Any student who meets prerequisite                                                                                      

Prerequisite:  Instructor’s permission and audition required                                                                      Length:  Year

Dance Company provides intermediate level students the opportunity to train in dance in a year-long class.  Students continue their study of dance as performers and choreographers through curriculum in technique, composition and dance performance.  A strong focus on modern, jazz and ballet technique will push dancers to grow in their physical skill, while choreography explorations will open students up to their potential as dance makers.  Students will perform in 1-2 concerts per year.

Dance Company II (Advanced)

Open to:  Any student who meets prerequisite                                                                                     

Prerequisite:  Instructor’s permission and audition required                                                                       Length:  Year

Dance Company II is a select group of dancers who perform at a high level of proficiency. This class offers advanced students the opportunity to continue their study of dance as performers and choreographers.   Through in-depth exploration of technique, composition and principles of dance, students will expand their knowledge of dance as an art form.    Rigorous technique classes in ballet, jazz and modern will allow students to reach higher levels of physical skill.  Challenging concert repertoire will be created to push students’ performance abilities.  The study of composition will encourage students to discover their artistic voices and learn how to express ideas through movement. This highly motivated ensemble will perform in both on and off campus concerts throughout the year. 

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