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Mel Dahlstrom

Ms. Dahlstrom – English Strategies 9 and 10!

Welcome to English Strategies 9 & 10! I am Mel Dahlstrom (they/she). I grew up in Minnetonka, MN. I attended Drake University in Des Moines, IA where I studied Religion, English, and Gender Studies. After graduation, I spent a year living in the Netherlands and beginning a Master’s of Philosophy. Last year, I worked as an SEA at Sanford Middle School where I also coached basketball. Currently, I live in Uptown and study in the St. Thomas and MPS Grow Your Own Teacher Residency program. This program brought me to teach at South as a teacher resident with Mr. Hoffert, and I cannot be more excited to be a tiger! 

Class Schedule and Google Classroom Codes 

Period 1 - PREP 

Period 2 - English 9 & 10  - 6x5gdrr

Period 3 - English 11 - 6x5gdrr

Period 4 - English Strategies 10 - cbdxrkw

Period 5 - English Strategies 9 - xrjyqyf

Period 6 - Due Process 



English Strategies 9 

English Strategies 10 



does this fire?!