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Which math class should I take?

What are my choices after Advanced Algebra?

For the first time in a student’s math career they have choices as to which pathway in mathematics to pursue next.  Students should sit down with their families to look over their choices to discuss their options.  Advanced Algebra teachers will meet with students to look at what a great next step for them in their mathematical careers.  Most students select a course based on several factors including current grade in school (9th/10th/11th), current performance in math and most importantly their plans for post-secondary education. 

For more information contact your students' Advanced Algebra teacher.

Course Offerings


·  Great for students who plan on going into mathematics or science based careers like engineering, chemistry, biology, computer science, physics, and economics. You will be going deeper into many of the Algebra topics you covered this year. This course is a prerequisite to AP Calculus. 

·  A typical successful student does 30-45 minutes of homework each night, knows how to show their work and does not depend on a calculator for single-digit computation.

·  Has near perfect attendance.

·  Has earned A’s and B’s in Advanced Algebra.

·  Secretly loves solving challenging math problems.


College Algebra and Statistics

·  Great for students who are planning on attending college.

·  Juniors and Seniors only.

·  Students struggled in Advanced Algebra, earning C grades, on average.

·  This course review topics covered in Advanced Algebra plus a little bit more.

·  Quarter 4 includes a Personal Finance unit.

·  There is homework every night.


  AP Statistics

·  Great fit for students that are going to a four year-college and majoring in anything other than math, engineering, or physics. 

·  If you are required to take a mathematics course in college, it will most likely be Statistics. 

·  This is an AP course with the chance to earn college credits.

·  Successful students typically do 4 hours of homework each week, have near perfect attendance, are willing to come in before or after school and participate in out of class study groups. 


Social Justice in M.E. (Math & English)

·  Great for students who plan on going into public policy, community advocacy, law, and education and planning on attending college.

·  You will be analyzing many disparities present in our community and world.

·  This course is great for students who struggle to understand the importance & relevance of mathematic and for students who seek equity and justice in our world.

·  Prerequisite: successful completion of 3 quarters of Advanced Algebra.

·  You secretly love solving challenging math problems.

·  Seniors only.  Students in this course will also take the Social Justice M.E. English elective.

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