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Congratulations For South High Students On The Most Wins In History Day Competition

Students were successful in all categories. Out of the 20 or so projects that we sent to the contest, 15 are going on to the state-wide competition on May 3rd. If you know any of  these students  or see them, please congratulate them on their success and hard work.



State Qualifiers-

  • Fight for FLSA/ Sidonia Zinky (Individual Performance)
  • Women in Prohibition/ Jocelyn Cruz‐Mestizo (Individual Performance)
  • The 26th Amendment: An Underutilized Right/ Becky Norling‐Ruggles, Grace Palmer, Frances Matejcek (Group Documentary)
  • American Federation of Musicians 1942 Strike/ Klevis Deva, Josh Emory, Sam Lee (Group Documentary)
  • The Right to Privacy: Guaranteed, Assumed, Violated/ Alex Otte, Rylee Philips (Group Documentary)
  • 1968 Olympics: The Power of Protest/ Laurel Neufeld (Individual Website)
  • “In Order to Reveal Asylum Horrors…” Nellie Bly/  Cara Cagemore, Elise Gumm (Group Website)
  • Impact of Roe V. Wade on Abortion Rights/ Chloe Coultrip, Hayden McLaughlin, Emilio Del Carmen (Group Website)
  • Revolution: Girl Style/ Antonia Lowell, Kate Bieger, Aubryn Hauge (Group Website)
  • AIDS: Through the Eyes of an Artist/  Maisie Sattler (Individual Exhibit) 
  • The Black Panthers/  Kaitlyn White (Individual Exhibit)
  • Buck v. Bell: Supreme Challenge to Reproductive Rights/ Mora Anderson, Saara Navab (Group Exhibit) 
  • Tohono O’Oodham Divided/ Dana Saari, Nadia Goldman (Group Exhibit)
  • America’s Contraception Inception/ Christopher Mann, Rachel Barney (Group Exhibit) 
  • Space Peace: The Outer Space Treaty/  Max Baller, Henry VanKauper‐Deflorh (Group Exhibit)

Honorable Mentions-

  • Stan Lee/ Laura Ingberg (Individual Performance)

"History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are." - David McCullough