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Thank you!


Dear Families: 


Thank you so much for contributing to our Tuesday Conference Potluck for teachers and staff!


Tuesday morning - noon

Lisa Ramirez  will accept donations as early at 7:15 a.m. and throughout the morning.

This is for dishes that can be at room temperature or refrigerated.


Tuesday noon-evening

Esmeralda Duran-Silvan and Ahmed Ali will accept donations beginning at noon.


We ask that hot dishes be brought around 3 - 4 p.m. OR during evening conference time….or that you bring it in a crock pot that we can plug in.

If you can wait to pick up your dish the week after conferences…or have your child pick up, we will wash it and have it ready to return to you, Monday, Oct. 23 (in Room 110C)

If you want to pick up your dish when you leave conference night, please reply and we will bring a container to transfer contents, so you may take your dish home that night. (We can rinse it, but may not have time to wash it.)

If you arrive after conferences have started or just before, please bring to the teachers lounge…any staff member can tell you where it is. But give us a heads up that this is when you’ll be arriving so we can look for you and guide you!


Also, if you have a heavy dish, crockpot, dutch oven, or need help carting your donation into the building, let us know and we will wait outside with a cart.




Again thanks so much for your kindness in supporting our teachers and staff!