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Beginning Concert Choir

Distance Learning Information
Google Classroom Class Code: oaxknaa
Practice Tracks

Beginning Concert Choir is a beginning level vocal class for all voice parts. Students in this class will sing, perform, and create choral music. They will begin learning how to use their voices with healthy singing technique and how to work together and rehearse music in preparation for three evening concerts. They will also begin the study of music theory and sightsinging using solfeg.

No Voice Placement is required for entrance, and no prior choir experience is necessary.

Subscribe to SouthCC via Remind: text @bb4eka to the number 81010
Agreement Form (to be signed by parent/guardian)
Music Lettering Sheet

Daily Slides

There are 3 required events for the 2019-2020 school year:
1. Fri, Nov 8 Fall Choir Concert at 7pm (calltime 6:10pm)
2. Thurs, Feb 6 Guest Artist Choir Concert at 7pm (calltime 6:10pm)
3. Tues, May 12 Spring Choir Concert at 7pm (calltime 6:10pm)

Performance Attire needed before Fri, Nov 8 Fall Choir Concert:
- Black dress pants/slacks/skirt (knee-length or longer)
- Black long-sleeved dressy shirt
- Black socks/tights
- Black dress shoes
- Black belt (if tucking in shirt)

Materials needed every day in class:
- 1/2" black 3-ring binder
- tab dividers with pockets (to put in binder)
- pencil
- water bottle

Materials needed at beginning of the year for the Choir Community:
- box of tissues
- bottle of hand sanitizer
- Clorox wipes

Classroom materials requested of families who can provide them:
- Expo whiteboard markers (low-odor)
- Expo whiteboard spray cleaner
- whiteboard erasers
- pencils

Donations always very much appreciated:
- pitchpipes (approximately $25 each)
- handsoap
- keyboard for one of the practice rooms (one of our keyboards is broken)