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Communicate what you have learned.

There are many ways to communicate your information: write a paper, create a video, present a slideshow, make a poster and much more.  How will you communicate what you have learned?


Use Google Docs to create a slide show or type a paper.  Using Google Docs has the added benefit of allowing you to share your document with others.

Minneapolis Public Schools Google Docs account.  This Google Docs account may only be used by students and staff of the Minneapolis School District.  Students can sign in with their district username and password.  See the school media specialist, if you do not have this information.

Prezi: The "zooming" way to present information.  LIke a slideshow but different.

Pecha Kucha:  The presentation may have only twenty slides and each can only run for 20 seconds.

Issuu: Create an online magazine to present your information.