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Cory Cochrane

Hello! Welcome to U.S. History or 10th grade AVID! History–and the social sciences–help us grapple with the past and dream about the future, rooted in knowledge about where we’ve come from. Everyone can and is an historian in their own right! This class will expand on the skills and knowledge you already have to deepen understanding, critical thinking, as well collaborative and individual learning skills. My goal is that every student feels radically welcomed and included in the class community and leaves 10th grade with not only more historical knowledge and skills but a sense of how that knowledge connects back to our lives and home communities. 


A note on approach: we will focus on social movements and people’s histories of the United States with emphasis on the contributions of marginalized groups, their resiliency, and resistance. We will use different case studies to develop depth of understanding over breadth over the course of the year. See the U.S. History syllabus here. 


About me: 

Although I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I was raised on the north shore of Lake Superior, in Grand Marais, MN. While I had many great teachers and experiences in the rural public school system, my social studies classes were often the least interesting or engaging. After spending some time working in different non profit and social service organizations, I decided to go back to school for education because I love working with young people and I wanted to be a part of offering a much higher quality social studies education for youth in our state. I’m going into my 7th year teaching & I’m super excited to be at South, teaching in the neighborhood where I live. Outside of education, I’m passionate about social justice organizing and am often found lacing up my roller skates with the Minnesota Roller Derby. 

You can reach me at I do my best to respond to emails from students and family within 24 hours on weekdays. Please do reach out if you have questions or concerns! Syllabus link.

Go Tigers!

L to R: Me with my niece Talis, Spring of 2023 

My dog Sylvie on the North Shore of Lake Superior, summer 2023

does this fire?!