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Voice Placements (Auditions)

Choir (Bass Choir, Treble Choir, Varsity Choir)

It is not required to audition to be a part of a choir at South High. Concert Choir (Beginning Choir) is open to all students with no Voice Placement required. To gain membership into Bass Choir, Treble Choir, and Varsity Choir a Voice Placement is required, typically in the previous Spring.

For students already enrolled in South Choirs, Voice Placements are held in March and April during class, before school, and during lunch. For entering 9th graders from Sanford Middle School, Ms. Meyers conducts Voice Placements at Sanford each June during the school day. Other interested students, please contact Ms. Meyers to schedule a Voice Placement.

Below are the elements of a Voice Placement:

  1. Balance/need of ensembles
  2. Questionnaire (see below, turned in at Voice Placement)
  3. Voice Placement Elements
    • Scale
    • 20 seconds (approximately) of a song of the student's choosing
    • Tonal Memory
    • Hear and sing notes within a cluster of notes played by Ms. Meyers
    • Sightsinging
    • Range Check