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Freshmen want students to be advocates not bullies


In their research, freshmen Alexa C. and Victoria W. have found that that bullying is an issue affecting millions students, particularly youth with disabilities.

From Pacer.Org, they have learned that,

"...students with disabilities are at higher risk of getting bullied than "normal" students? 60% of students with disabilities report being bullied regularly. 

Many students with disabilities are already addressing challenges in the academic environment. When they are bullied, it can impact their education and social lives."

Alexa and Victoria add, "Luckily more than 50% of bullying situations stop when a peer intervenes. Please help make a change! Whenever you see someone bullying any student especially students with disabilities, tell them that what they are doing is wrong and help them understand that doing that only affects them." 

Here are a few tips the students found for helping students with disabilities: 

1. Speak up when someone is trying to "intimidate" the student. 
2. Tell someone else if you see any signs of bullying. 
3. Do not use the internet to hurt the student. 
4. Do not laugh while the student is being picked on. 
5. Do not participate in gossip.