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South High School Track and Field Update

On June 14th, the MPS Board voted to approve the capital budget for 2018.  That budget includes funding for renovating the South High School track and field, as well as funding for new bleachers and at long last, lighting!

The Minnesota Board of Education’s approval of the budget is expected by the end of November, 2017.  Funding would then become available in early 2018 with work beginning in June 2018.  Completion date expected for fall of 2019.

The next step for the South High Community is twofold.  

  • One, to be part of the planning process in the first quarter of 2018, continuing the work done by the South High Field Committee in early 2017.

  • Secondly, with which we greatly need the South High community’s input, is to help raise funds to complete the track and field projects not included in the District’s budget.  
    • Press box
    • sound system
    • storage building,
    • fencing
    • practice field turf

These were among projects, cited by the South High Field Committee and the 2016 Athletic Field Feasibility Review by Minnesota Partnerships.

At this time, we are asking for your help, your input, your expertise and your connections in helping us raise the necessary funds for our part of the South High School field projects.  

The architect told the Field Committee that he anticipates the costs for the projects listed near $1,000,000.  However, the look on the faces of the students as they compete on a track and a field that they can be proud of and call home.  The cheers from the students in the stands encouraging their classmates.  The pride in the hearts of the families finally being able to get to see their own children play after their long day at work…… priceless.

If you need any more inspiration, please watch the last few minutes of a video story done by Jason Gonzalez of the Star Tribune in 2012.  See the pride in the players and the enthusiasm of the students cheering them on!  This is not just about football, but track, soccer, ultimate frisbee, homecoming, team practices, physical education classes and our South High Community coming together to encourage our students.

Please contact Steve Richter, South High Site Council Co-chair,, with your ideas, experience and connections.

Thank you, Scott Schluter,


The next meeting is Wednesday October 4th at 4pm.