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This Day in History: August 30


1800 – Gabriel Prosser postpones a planned slave rebellion in Richmond, Virginia, but is arrested before he can make it happen.

1813 – Creek War: Fort Mims massacre: Creek "Red Sticks" kill over 500 settlers (including over 250 armed militia) in Fort Mims, north of Mobile, Alabama.

1836 – The city of Houston is founded by Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen

1862 – American Civil War: Battle of Richmond: Confederates under Edmund Kirby Smith rout Union forces under General Horatio Wright.

1942 – World War II: The Battle of Alam el Halfa begins.

1945 – Hong Kong is liberated from Japan by British Armed Forces.

1945 – The Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, General Douglas MacArthur lands at Atsugi Air Force Base.

1945 – The Allied Control Council, governing Germany after World War II, comes into being.

1956 – The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway opens.

1963 – The Moscow–Washington hotline between the leaders of the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union goes into operation.

1967 – Thurgood Marshall is confirmed as the first African American Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

1984 – STS-41-D: The Space Shuttle Discovery takes off on its maiden voyage.

1992 – The 11-day Ruby Ridge standoff ends with Randy Weaver surrendering to federal authorities.


1901 – Roy Wilkins, American journalist and activist (d. 1981)

1907 – Bertha Parker Pallan, American archaeologist (d. 1978)

1918 – Ted Williams, American baseball player and manager (d. 2002)

1926 – Daryl Gates, American police officer, created the D.A.R.E. Program (d. 2010)

1927 – Geoffrey Beene, American fashion designer (d. 2004)


1879 – John Bell Hood, American general (b. 1831)

1908 – Alexander P. Stewart, American general (b. 1821)

1938 – Max Factor, Sr., Polish-American make-up artist and businessman, founded the Max Factor Company (b. 1877)

2003 – Charles Bronson, American actor and soldier (b. 1921)

2003 – Donald Davidson, American philosopher and academic (b. 1917)

2004 – Indian Larry, American motorcycle rider and stuntman (b. 1949)

2004 – Fred Lawrence Whipple, American astronomer and academic (b. 1906)

2015 – Wes Craven, American director, producer, screenwriter, and actor (b. 1939)

2015 – Oliver Sacks, English-American neurologist, author, and academic (b. 1933)