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Attendance Procedures

Parents of South High School students:  The following is to remind you of Minneapolis Public Schools attendance procedures. 

The following are absences that must be excused by a Principal or an Assistant Principal ten days in advance:

1.       Religious observances

2.       Family obligations, activities

3.       Student non-Minneapolis Public School activities or events approved by parents that require students to miss class time

4.       College tours

The following are absences that do not require advanced notice to be excused:

1.     Illness.  A note or call from parent/guardian will excuse absence.  For absences of three or more days in a row or eight or more absences in a school year, a note from doctor or conference with school nurse is required to excuse absences

2.      Doctor visit. A note from doctor will excuse absence

3.      Family emergency.  Up to three days accumulative in a school year