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Attendance Policy

To report an absence for your student, please do one of the following:

  • Call the attendence voicemail at 612.668.4314 and leave a message.
  • Email
  • Send a written note. 
  • Absences due to medical or dental appointments require a note from the health care provider.


Ms. Evans, South High Attendance Clerk, can be found in office 101 behind the welcome desk.


Early Dismissal Procedure For Students

Students need to bring a note from a parent/guardian to the attendance office before school starts indicating the time and reason for early dismissal. Students will receive a pass allowing them to leave class at the time specified on their pass. Students must present the pass and sign out at the security desk. If a note is not submitted, parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to call a day in advance to make the necessary arrangements. Please leave a message on the attendance line. 

Returning to School on Day of Excused Absence
Students should check back into the attendance clerk before resuming school day. Without check in, a reported absence will override a teacher's attendance record. 

Vacation/Extended Absences
Students who will be absent for more than three (3) days must complete an extended absence form. See Below. Student, parent/guardian, teachers, counselor, and principal signatures are required at least 10 days in advance. Students must work with their teachers to develop a plan for make-up work. The completed extended absence form should be turned into the attendance office prior to the absence. 

Attendance Calls Parents/guardians will receive an automated phone call indicating your child was marked absent or tardy in one or more classes during the school day. Therefore, it is important for your contact information to be current. Please contact the attendance office if you have any questions at 612.668.4314.

Absence Form: 1-3 Days

Extended Absence Form: 4+ Days

MPS Attendance Policy






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